Affinity Assets

Affinity Vector and PNG Assets

Vector assets are .afassets and .afdesign files created in Affinity Designer for the Affinity Suite. Most groups and curves are labeled & easy to work with as a basis for your own projects. Change the colors and size, add brush strokes, texture brushes, styles, etc. These files have not been tested and will not likely work with other programs like Gimp, Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Try out the free sample cutting board file before making any purchases.

PNG clip art files are isolated 300 dpi assets with transparent backgrounds. You can use actions, textures, patterns, and styles for a wide variety of different effects. One of the nicest things about PNG files is that they work in most graphic programs and are easy to incorporate into your print or digital projects.

Files types included in sets: .AFDESIGN, .AFPALETTE, .AFASSETS, PNG

Created with love in Affinity Designer