The Basket seller’s Cat


Playing with the Assets

The Basketsellers Cat Affinity Vector Set

I think playing with the assets is almost as much fun as creating them! I Some of the tools used in this example:

The Basketseller's Cat free sample vector

Free Sample

Try out a free daisy vector from the Basket Seller’s Cat.

Free samples are useful for making sure the sets are compatible with your programs. I highly recommend downloading a sample to get a sneak peek into what’s in the box. Try it out, play around with the colors and whatnot. If you like it, why not go for the whole shebang, eh?

The basket seller sets up her wares in front of the little corner flower shop before the sun peeks over the trees lining the old street. Early morning brings the smell of fresh brewed coffee, murmured greetings and the familiar sounds of a waking city. Her little companion has wandered to his usual place under the table and her first customer is looking over the newest baskets. It’s going to be a good day.

I kinda felt like this set needed a little backstory lol. It is based on a watercolor I did for a friend. She wanted pink roses in a basket to remind her of her grandma. Who probably didn’t sell baskets, but you never really know, right? Anyhoot, the Basket Seller’s Cat is a collection of vector and PNG assets for Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher.

Objects include:

Five Baskets, a cat, ferns and leaves, flowers, berries, 2 daisies, a butterfly, a heart, sprays, and seven roses.

Affinity Designer Vectors

Use the vectors if you want to change colors, strokes, curves, etc. These vector assets are .afassets and .afdesign files created in Affinity Designer version 1. Curves are labeled so they are pretty easy to work with. Change the colors and size, add brush strokes, texture brushes, styles, etc. These files have not been tested and will not likely work with other programs like Gimp, Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Try out the free sample files before making any purchases

PNG Clip Art

Use PNG clip art if you want files that are ready to use right out of the box. Files are 300 dpi and isolated with a transparent background that fit nicely on a US letter size page. PNG files are raster files that work in most graphic programs and can be made smaller but will get fuzzy if you try to enlarge them.


The silhouettes in this set are mainly for cutting machines. The designs have a lot of gaps and they can act as a base to prevent the pieces from being cut separately. VECTOR Silhouettes also have a stroke set on them that you can adjust or remove. PNG silhouettes do not have a stroke.

Use for Personal and Commercial Projects

Use as part of your own original designs for end products that you intend to sell, personal projects and client projects. The Basket Seller’s Cat assets are suitable for greeting cards, wall art, garden shop graphics, calendars, advertisements and sale notices, business cards, logos, and branding, etc. See license here

What’s in the box?

39 individual vectors in 5 .afdesign files
39 silhouette vectors (included in vector assets)
All vector assets in .afassets file
39 color PNG files
39 silhouette PNG files (in sepaprate folder)
Color palette in .afpalette file
Color Palette in PNG file
Reference PDF
License PDF

Please Note: Compatible with Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher. Be aware that if you save the files in version 2, you will no longer be able to open it in version 1. Play it safe and make a copy of the set and rename it and add something like ‘version2’ so you know which is which.

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