Love Potion Bottles Mini Set


Hey lovely folk,
I have a new set out! A Love Potion Mini Set with 4 bottles in .afdesign and SVG vector and PNG raster files. I spent way too much time on 4 bottles, lol. But now I kinda need to do a set for poison potions with bat wings and spiders!

Objects include:

  • Love Potion No 1: Minty green transparent bottle with luscious curves, gold accents and a flirty red bow.
  • Love Potion No 3: Lilac transparent bottle with a chocolate brown stopper and label. This one is a little on the dark shadows side with victorian style scrolly accents.
  • Love Potion No 7: Blue transparent bottle with a little bit of romantic Paris influence. Details include filegree and lattice gold accents, 3 layered pair of wings and a heart label.
  • Love Potion No 9: Elegant clear glass bottle with frosted pink accents on the stopper. So feminine with a pink tassle, cherry blossom and black velvet ribbon.

Affinity Designer Vectors

Vector assets are .afdesign files created in Affinity Designer V2. Groups and curves are labeled to make them easy to work with as a basis for your own creations. Easily change the colors and size, add brush strokes, texture brushes, styles, etc. There is a solid silhouette available if you need a opaque background. It is turned off by default.

These files have not been tested in Gimp, Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Assets were created with Version 2.


I have been wanting to add SVG files for a long time! These SVG vector files can be opened and edited in Inkscape. Curves are organized in the same way as the Affinity files with labeled groups and curves. The solid silhouette is in a separate file.
They have not been tested in any other program.

PNG Clip Art

The complete bottles measure close to 5000px tall & 300 dpi with transparent backgrounds. There are also about 100 separate PNG bits & pieces so you can change every element in each file. PNG files are organized in folders and named the same as their vector counterparts.

Use actions, textures, patterns, and styles for a wide variety of different effects. One of the nicest things about PNG files is that they work in most graphic programs.


Bottle silhouettes are included. Use them to add a little interest to your projects, try offsetting or enlarging the silhouette behind the main asset and add solid colors, halftones, shadows or other textures. They are also useful as a base for cutting machines when there are gaps in the design.
Included in the .afdesign file (turned off by default) and stand alone PNG and SVG files.

Use for Personal and Commercial Projects

Use as part of your own original designs for end products that you intend to sell, personal projects and client projects. See license here

What’s in the box?

4 individual .afdesign vectors
8 SVG vectors
104 PNG files
Color palette in .afpalette file
Color Palette in PNG file

Please Note:

.afpalette, .afdesign and .afassets files are compatible with Affinity v2.
SVG files tested in Inkscape only
PNG files work with most programs

Created with love in Affinity Designer