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Mid Mod Finches: Vector Set for Affinity


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It is no secret that I love Mid Century design. Especially the works of artists like Charley Harper, Jim Flora, Ralph Hulett, etc (the list goes on!). Mid Mod Finches is inspired by Harper’s Darwin Finches with a brighter color palette.

What’s in the box?
AF (.afpalette) and PNG color palette
AF assets (.afassets) file with 24 vectors – The set includes 9 finches, a couple of flowers, birdhouses, butterflies, beetles and acorns.

*Please note – compatible with Affinity only.

Add depth and texture to the bus with brushes, masks, styles and color changes.

Add depth and texture with brushes, masks, styles and color changes. In this example, I used RetroSupply Co’s Gouache Shader Brushes for Affinity Designer and Lisa Glanz’s Tasty Texture Pack.

Pick and Choose one or more items below if you don’t think you will need the whole set. All files are .afdesign format.

*Please note – compatible with Affinity only.

2 Acorns

Vector Acorns: Midmod Finches


2 Beetles

Vector Beetles: Midmod Finches


Birdhouse 1

Vector Birdhouse 1: Midmod Finches


Birdhouse 2

Vector Birdhouse 2: Midmod Finches


Birdhouse 3

Vector Birdhouse 3: Midmod Finches


Birdhouse 4

Vector Birdhouse 4: Midmod Finches


Butterfly 1

Vector Butterfly 1: Midmod Finches


Butterfly 2

Vector Butterfly 2: Midmod Finches


Butterfly 3

Vector Butterfly 3: Midmod Finches


Finch 1

Vector Finch 1: Midmod Finches


Finch 2

Vector Finch 2: Midmod Finches


Finch 3

Vector Finch 3: Midmod Finches


Finch 4

Vector Finch 4: Midmod Finches


Finch 5

Vector Finch 5: Midmod Finches


Finch 6

Vector Finch 6: Midmod Finches


Finch 7

Vector Finch 7: Midmod Finches


Finch 8

Vector Finch 8: Midmod Finches


Flower 1

Vector Flower 1: Midmod Finches


Flower 2

Vector Flower 2: Midmod Finches


Flower 3

Vector Flower 3: Midmod Finches


Flower 4

Vector Flower 4: Midmod Finches


Free Sample

Free sample! Test before you buy with a free sample of this chipper little bird. Find it on the Freebies page here

Created with love in Affinity Designer, I hope they will be a useful addition to your creative library!