Frogleg Blues: Vector Set for Affinity


Frogleg Blues Vector set for Affinity Designer
Frogleg Blues Vector set for Affinity Designer
Frogleg Blues Vector set for Affinity Designer

Frogleg Blues is a whimsical look at life in a swamp. Join Strings, Daisy, May-belle and Roy F Pickens for a midnight blues session under the moon and stars. It is a versatile resource collection of 51 Affinity vector assets created for Affinity graphic programs.

Affinity Designer Vectors

Vector assets are .afassets and .afdesign files created in Affinity Designer. Most groups and curves are labeled so you can easily find them for editing. Change the colors and size, add brush strokes, texture brushes, styles, etc. Some of the files include white silhouettes. Silhouettes are useful for cutting machines due to the gaps in the design. Offset or enlarge them for adding interest to your projects like solid colors, halftones, shadows or other textures.

PNG Clip Art

52 PNG isolated files @300 dpi. with transparent backgrounds. Each file can almost fill a letter size sheet of paper without getting fuzzy, most around 3000 px on the long size.
They are not as versatile as vector but you can use actions, textures, patterns, and styles for a wide variety of different effects. One of the nicest things about PNG files is that they work in most graphic programs.

Use For Personal And Commercial Projects

Use as part of your own original designs for end products that you intend to sell, personal projects and client projects. Frogleg Blues is especially suited to a whimsical project like children’s wall art or illustrations. They would also lend a swampy vibe to flyers, advertisements and sale notices, business cards, logos, and branding.

Other examples include birthday cards, announcements, greeting cards, invitations, posters, t-shirts, calendars and planners, party favors, post cards, scrapbooking, place cards, thank you cards, etc.

What’s in the box?

52 individual swamp themed vectors in 15 .afdesign files
52 vector assets in a convenient .afassets file
52 PNG files
Color palette in .afpalette file
Color Palette in PNG file

Compatible with Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher.

Free Sample Test May-Belle for free before you buy. Find it on the Freebies page here

Created with love in Affinity Designer, I hope they will be a useful addition to your creative library!