Atomic Christmas: Vectors for Affinity with PNG Files


Atomic Christmas Affinity Designer Assets Vector (includes PNG Files)
Atomic Christmas Affinity Designer Assets Vector (includes PNG Files)
Atomic Christmas Affinity Designer Assets Vector (includes PNG Files)
Atomic Candles

Atomic Christmas Affinity Designer Assets Vector (includes PNG Files)

Atomic Christmas is a fun and versatile resource collection of 65 mid century modern Christmas vector and PNG assets for Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher. Inspiration for design and color palette comes from Ralph Hulett and Charlie Harper, 2 of my favorite mid century artists.

Updated right before Thanksgiving – I had to lock some strokes and bake some corners. I have to admit, I had just discovered the curves tool and had use it on everything everywhere! I also included the PNG versions. Having them in a separate set caused a bit of confusion.

Affinity Designer Vectors

Vector assets are .afassets and .afdesign files created in Affinity Designer. Most groups and curves are labeled so they are easy to work as a basis for your own projects. Change the colors and size, add brush strokes, texture brushes, styles, etc. Some of the files include white silhouettes. Offset or enlarge them for adding interest to your projects like solid colors, halftones, shadows or other textures. These files have not been tested and will not likely work with other programs like Gimp, Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Try out the free sample files before making any purchases.

Tools Use in Examples

These files are made for play! Some of the tools I used in the examples:

PNG Clip Art

65 PNG isolated files @300 dpi. with transparent backgrounds. Each file can almost fill a letter size sheet of paper without getting fuzzy, most around 3000 px on the long size.
They are not as versatile as vector but you can use actions, textures, patterns, and styles for a wide variety of different effects. One of the nicest things about PNG files is that they work in most graphic programs.

Use for Personal and Commercial Projects

Use as part of your own original designs for end products that you intend to sell, personal projects and client projects. Atomic Christmas is perfect for adding a little touch of mid century Christmas to your holiday design projects. Suitable for retro Christmas cards, Christmas party invitations, gift tags, calendars, money holders, etc.

What’s in the Box?

65 individual vectors in 22 .afdesign files
65 vector assets in a convenient .afassets file
65 PNG files
Color palette in .afpalette file
Color Palette in PNG file

Please Note

.afpalettee, .afdesign and .afassets files are compatible with Affinity only.
PNG files work with most programs
Free sample available on
You are purchasing digital files, these are not physical items.
Refunds cannot be issued after delivery of digital items due to the nature of the product.

Get the free candles here!

Atomic Christmas Vector Ornament 1

Test an ornament from the Atomic Christmas vector set.

Created with love in Affinity Designer, I hope they will be a useful addition to your creative library!