Most of the vector sets are intentionally basic flat designs – treat them as a basis to build on with your own unique style. Add textures and brushes, change up the colors, whatever you like – make it yours! Please note – the Vector sets will only work in Affinity. Grab a free sample set to test before you buy. AF color palettes and AF Assets are included in most sets.

Atomic Motorama #1 'The Smarkle'

Vector Atomic Car For Affinity Designer: The Smarkle

Vector Atomic Bus for Affinity Designer: Galaxy Taxi

Vector Bus For Affinity Designer: Galaxy Taxi

The Basketseller’s Cat: Vector Baskets And Flowers Themed Set For Affinity Designer

Soft Kittens: Mini Vector Set For Affinity

Mid Mod Finches: Vector Set For Affinity

Frog Leg Blues

Frogleg Blues: Vector Set For Affinity

Atomic Christmas: Vector Set For Affinity

Affinity Designer Vector Assets: Mid Century Modern Coffee Time

MCM Coffee Time: Vector Mid Century Modern Coffee Themed Set For Affinity